Healing Masterclass
$ 59.00 USD

Healing Masterclass

HEALING MASTERCLASS will prepare students to minister healing and miracles like never before. Students will acquire advanced training in divine healing using the insight, wisdom and techniques that have helped Scarrella Ministries raise over 2,000 lame people from wheelchairs, crutches, canes, and walkers.

The training offered in this course is for the advanced learner and is meant for the serious student who desires to experience God’s hand extended through them with quicker a release of God’s power.

Students will learn about the “faith-paralyzing” teachings that breed doubt and how to crush the mindset of unbelief with faith and power.

Upon completion of this course, students will find themselves built-up in their confidence to heal the sick on the streets, in church, at the workplace, and elsewhere. They will minister divine healing with new boldness and assurance.

Healing Masterclass has been in creation for some time, and many have awaited and anticipated its arrival. You are about to embark on a faith trip that will transform how you minister to the sick, diseased and those with pain.


Healing and Walking in Boldness • Dealing with Toxic Calvinism Teaching • Healing the Lame and Crippled • How To Heal the Sick • Laying Hands on People • Dealing with Demons in Healing • Street Healing • Ministering with a Christ Mindset