Kingdom Finance
$ 47.00 USD

Kingdom Finance

Kingdom Finance & Multiple Streams of Income will train students for multiple streams of income, financial wealth, and secondary income. Students will learn how to make money using a variety of platforms including internet sales/marketing, mentoring/coaching, stock trading, real estate and more.

The training offered in this course is potentially life changing, covering subjects such as Multiple Ways of Making Money, Training for Internet Income, Real Estate Investment for Beginners and much more. Students will learn how to sell on eBay, Amazon, and Fiverr; flipping in real estate, stock market riches and so much more.  

Upon completion of this course, students will be more confident for effective, multiple streams of income and entrepreneurship.  

God wants us to be wealthy and wise with our money and this course is meant to be a training ground to step out of the rat-race and into the fast-track of financial independence.  


  • eBay training in multiple areas  
  • Amazon riches made from home  
  • Start your own Coaching/Mentorship program with intellectual property that you already obtain and that others are willing to pay you to know  
  • Stock Market millions can be made  
  • How to start flipping in Real Estate  
  • Cryptocurrency and the Forex  
  • Website building and YouTube riches
  • A somewhat “secret” website that has everyone enamored to make money in resales