Prayer & Evangelism: Impacting Nations & Hurting People
$ 47.00 USD

Prayer & Evangelism: Impacting Nations & Hurting People

Prayer & Evangelism is a course within Ministry Training Institute that will impart a great revelation and delight in learning the art of prayer and fellowship with our Heavenly Father. This course also will begin to train people on how to reach their world for Christ in the power of God.

The PRAYER course will teach students the key to releasing the power of God through an effective prayer life.

Students will learn how prayer was used in the life and ministry of Jesus in order that He would fulfill His destiny and purpose on earth. Taking prayer from “devotion to delight,” students will learn to pray and get results. One preacher wrote, “The minister who doesn’t pray, is only playing.”

A heart of evangelism must be caught, not just taught, and this course will open your life to the adventures of Power Evangelism with the Holy Spirit.

The EVANGELISM course will teach students how to break through fear barriers and obstacles of practical and effective outreach and evangelism that disciples people into the Kingdom of God.


The power of worship • Prayer of faith • Praying for the harvest • Fasting • Meditation in Prayer • Patterns of prayer • Supernatural Evangelism • Discipline in Evangelism • The Power of God’s Love to the Lost • Evangelism Challenge