Prophetic School: Hearing The Voice of God
$ 59.00 USD

Prophetic School: Hearing The Voice of God

Prophetic School will prepare students for ministering God’s voice to people. Students will learn how to minister with the Holy Spirit and allow His power to flow through them to those who need to hear God’s voice. Seeing into the very secrets of people’s hearts by the power of God to set the captives free will become a flow of the Spirit to you.

The training offered in this course is life changing, covering subjects such as God’s Voice and Prophetic Ministry.

Upon completion of this course, students will be confident for effective, powerful ministry to the sick, and those who are broken needing a word from God

This prophetic type of ministry that’s taught in this course is second to none when it comes to hearing specific words of knowledge.


What Is Prophecy • Visions and Dreams • Specific Words of Knowledge • Demonstrations by a Prophet of Words of Knowledge • Pitfalls to Prophecy