Righteous Prosperity
$ 47.00 USD

Righteous Prosperity

RIGHTEOUS PROSPERITY is a powerful course that will prepare students to walk in their God given identity in Christ and in the very blessings of Almighty God. Students will learn how to find out who you are in Christ. Before you can walk in an inheritance, you need to know your Identity! So your spiritual identity is taught by multiple teachers from multiple nations, and like all of our courses, it will cover in detail two subjects!

The training offered in this course begins with your Identity and quickly shifts to walking in financial prosperity and what God’s word says about this subject. More people struggle in their finances and it causes physical sickness, worry, stress and even divorce. But when we find out how God can bless us even in our finances, we get excited to see His hand moving in our lives in our natural finances.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to identify their spiritual identity in Christ. You’ll see that you’re not a “sinner saved by grace”, you were a sinner and got saved by grace… now you’re a son of God, the righteousness of God in Christ! Now you’re a new creation in Christ Jesus, and old things are truly passed away.

The incredible testimonies and teachings in this course will electrify the students. This will stretch you and kill any sacred cows in your mind or lives.

It’s time for God’s people to be blessed beyond belief because they will finance the Kingdom of God in every way!