Social Media Ministry
$ 159.00 USD

Social Media Ministry

SOCIAL MEDIA MINISTRY equips students to launch impactful social media platforms that help start a social media ministry to reach souls worldwide. Through advanced training in social media creation, students will unleash content that resonates with individuals globally and never have to leave their home. This course is tailored for advanced learners who are committed to spreading the Gospel, nurturing discipleship, and arming others with tools to receive the powerful message of the Kingdom of God.

Students will develop an understanding of the spiritual landscape of online communities, mirroring the Apostle Paul's approach of meeting people where they are.

Upon completing the course, students will possess the know-how to begin asocial media ministry or enhance their existing platforms. They will gain knowledge to proven strategies to engage their online audience on a spiritual level, facilitating significant spiritual growth while expanding their influence across social media channels.


• YouTube Tips & Tricks

• How To Quickly Communicate in Short Form Videos

• Long Form Content That Impacts Viewers

• Reaching Masses with Facebook Live

• Instagram Demographics Impact

• How To Reach a Younger Crowd

• Simply Teaching & Preaching on Social Media

• Simple Video Editing with Your Phone

• TickTok Mobile Hints and Techniques

• Daily Goal Setting For 90 Days

• Why Some Social Media Pages Are So Small

• Monetizing And Income Through Social Media